Wednesday, 14 May 2014

1) Holiday P.M.I


 -In the school holidays I went to see Rio 2 to see Blue and his babies.

-We got to have Grace over for a sleep over at my house because she had to look after Scruffy the dog.

-Me and my friend Grace went to get a Lego movie cup. The picture moves every time we move the cup.


 -I had to leave my nan for school.

-I died on all my games and had to restart all of them.

-We had to cancel going to the zoo cause we did not purchase any tickets


-My dog Scruffy is now able to sleep in my bed!

-It has been raining for almost a week now! ;(

-My dog Scruffy is now toilet trained!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Science With Vanessa

Once we went and done a hot and cold experience.
First we had to get 3 cups that had coldness in one cup a warm one in the middle and a hot one at the end
Then we had to put both of our hands in the hot and cold one then we had to put both of our hands in the warm one but my hands felt very weird. My left hand was hot and my right hand was cold
And last of all I had to just dry my hands and then let the other person have a turn to try out the hot, warm and cold experience.
What I learnt was that feal is not a good way to feal the temputure
Because you can get hurt for the coldness and the hotness and it is not that smart to do it.