Tuesday, 24 June 2014

RSS cross country

On Thursday the RSS seniors went to Skoglund park to do cross country and the reason why is for them to get fit and to have fun and to be healthy.We had to go and pack up for our trip to Skoglund park.

 We had to get into a pair for our trip  with the RSS seniors and it was ALL OF THEM.

I was in a pair with Arisha, Shaiv and Patrick but I was really squashed like a banana so I had to only be with Arisha. :(

We went to have a stroll out in the street so when we went to cross the roads our fearless teachers were able to guide us. :D

 I was not sprinting out in the race 'cause I will still so sick but I was with William 'cause he had a really bad tummy.
 Me and William were very lonely!

William said, "I am board" 

I replied and said, "me too"

so it was just us staying in the same place doing nothing 

The wind was hissing like a snake and I got really cold and I did not know how William was going on.

But then someone needed to go to the toilet so the teacher asked " can anyone take this little boy to the toilet?" And William said, "Me, I can take him to the toilet!"

So it was just me sitting all alone doing nothing at all!

Then for a few seconds I saw 1 person coming... then 2... then 3... and then ALOT.

Maya always says," Jhaz " when she see's me and I think that it is really truly embarrassing 'cause do you know why?
Because everyone looks at me and her

I sprinted to the ropes for them to come and for me to see them.

I cheered for them and then I saw Shaiv and Maya and then at last I saw Arisha. Maya was racing Shaiv to the finish line but Shaiv just beat her (well anyway he is a boy)

Me, Maya, Shaiv, Arisha and Analiese play  games like a game which you have to pat your knees then SHOOT and then we played...TAG, I 
 love playing tag.

When we were playing tag we saw some deadly worms and I do not like slimy slippery worms but I have no fear of slimy worms

It was now Maya's turn to go out and run again and when the year 4 boys had to run Eli went so fast that he had to pause for a while. This made everyone get in front of him!

When we ran and played tag again I felt a tiny spit from a fluffy flurry cloud puff and it landed on my tiny nose!

Then it was pouring down with rain like that we were plants so we had to sprint to our bags and go to shelter. We had to go and have lunch but I was not keen into having lunch cause the shelter smelt bad while we were soaking wet from the tippy top of our hair to our toes.

Last of all we had to get into 2 lines and one had boys and the other had girls
  and then we had to go off on the bus and everyone gave us a round of applause when we were going off to the bus. 

Off we went to school in the bus and everyone said, "YAY!" but I said, "FINALLY!"

We all went into school and hopped into class and we had our delicious lunch but I still didn't eat and it was not because of the smell it was 'cause PHEW I was tired and I wanted to play already! 

So do you know what we played?