Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mystery story: The lost kits

Characters: Mothflight- a silver tabby with a green eye and a blue one. 

Jayfeather- a light blue tom with blind blue eyes.

Mosskit- a white cat with black patches, green flexes on back

Sparklekit- a blue kitten with white flexes, ears and paws

Rainbowkit- a white kitten with blue paws & a ginger striped back

Starkit- a yellow kitten with a blue star on his fore-head.

Moonkit- a black kitten with a blue-neon moon shape on her fore-head.

Tigerstar- a brown and black tom  with a yellow underbelly and a little scratch on his nose.

Scourge- a black cat with a scratched ear and a red spike collar.

Saberstar- a long-haired orange cat with a long and sharp tooth sticking out with a short mane.

(Other cats have been added to the story).

Once, deep down in a dark forest, there lived a clan of wild cats including 5 kittens, Rainbow kit, Sparkle kit, Mosskit, Moonkit and Starkit. They were the kits of Mothflight, a wise warrior. She went out hunting for a while, "hmm... where are you?" whispered Mothflight sharply. "Grr, this is going to take forever!" Growled Mothflight, " I already have a problem myself, with starving kits crawling around".  She went down near another clan,"Shadow clan" meowed Mothflight. "I better leave quickly!" cried Mothflight. She ran away not looking back to even climb a little tree to help her speed! 

Back at the camp, Starkit and Moonkit were having fun practising their catches and jumping on the other kits. "Woo HOO!" Shouted Moonkit, "no one can stop us now!" said Starkit. They continued jumping on the kits untill a familiar voiced came up to their ear... *hiss* "you kits should know better!" Hissed Mothflight! "Moonkit RUN, we've been SPOTTED!" Cried Starkit running outside the den hoping that no one would follow but Moonkit. But, when he turned around he couldn't see her. "Moonki-" The ground disappeared in a flash making him stumble into a hole. I've fallen in a badgers hollow!

Moonkit was in Mothflights mouth tired to even slip out of her loose jaws. "Arg, caught again" moaned Moonkit. She was about to fall asleep in her mouth, she got on the floor lying down untill she remembered about Starkit. "Mum, where did Starkit go?" Asked Moonkit. Mothflight pricked her ear and padded outside unaware that Starkit is in a badgers burrow. "Mew, *mew, mew help meh" Starkit tried to call for help but he was really injured and it broke his vocal chords and he also didn't want to wake up the badgers to get eaten and probably die! "I hope they come to rescue me, oh Starclan HELP ME!!!" Starkit was starving to death and he knew Mothflight would come and ban him even more!

"Starkit, STARKIT, oh Starkit where are you?" cried Mothflight. "Oh no!" Growled Mothflight, she spotted where Starkit fell and padded towards the burrow. "I know Starkit will regret hurting the other kits!"  thought Mothflight. She knew he would hate being grounded for a week and maybe just starve to death. "Right, we must finish this!". She ran over to the burrow, scooped up Starkit's head and ran away! *grr* "caught again" thought Starkit, he got banned 7 times and this was his 8th, "is grabbing my head really ne- OW! Hey not so hard!" Starkit got fed up up with his mum! Mothflight wouldn't listen though and just kept on running. 

Mothflight lifted her head and smashed Starkit in the den "arg, you are a MESS! Cried Moonkit licking Starkit's wounds and ran away from Mothflight. "Thanks Moonkit." Meowed Starkit. "Now you kits better learn your lesson because you need to stay here for a whole week, no exceptions, hissed Mothflight walking away. "Aww... I'm hungry I wanted to go and sit but now I am... Food!" said Starkit.  

They left the mouse on Rainbowkit where they were practising their catches. "Yum, let's eat!" said Moonkit happily. "Mmm... That looks TASTY!" Starkit and Moonkit turned around shocked, "who are you?" asked Moonkit. "I am Tigerstar and this c-" continued Tigerstar.  "Who is that?" asked Starkit. "Well I was getting to that you know?" Spat Tigerstar. "No" said Moonkit. "Really, you kits are useless! Now what I was saying was that this cat is called sc-" said Tigerstar. "Just cut to the point" said Moonkit. "Omg, let me talk! This cat is called Scourge!" said Tigerstar. "And we are from....!" "Shadow clan?" Thought Moonkit considering the looks of the scars on the cats. "Shadow clan" said Scourge covering Tigerstars mouth.  "Uh oh!!!!!!!" *MEOW!!!!!" Cried the two kits... 

Down where Mothflight was, were 3 other cats, Goldenflower, Oakheart and Bluestar, they were grooming each other, "hey, Mothflight, where are your kits?" asked Oakheart. "Oakheart, please calm down, they must be eating from the fresh kill pile." said Bluestar. "No, they are grounded again," guessed Goldenflower. "Yes your right." shouted Mothflight. All the cats gasped and ran away from Mothflight. "You should know better not to ground your kits to starve!" Hissed Goldenflower. "Please, calm down. I go hunting for them all the time!" Said Mothflight calmly. She was only trying to teach them a lesson. She trotted off to the den. "Guys? Hello? Is anyone here? Really you guys, these tricks are getting old!" Shouted Mothflight. "Wait what?"

She spotted Scourge and Tigerstar near the den, she slowly crept away and then quickly ran off! "Oh no!" *tap**tap**tap* her pads were slippery and they were making tapping noises to alert the other cats but it wasn't loud enough 'cause she was running so fast but it might of been fast enough to give Tigerstar and Scourge a signal that they were followed! "Oh no! Did they eat my kits?" thought  Mothflight. She ran away to find a special cat. No one knows who it really is or what kind of animal he really is, but he may be the one to solve the problem.  When Mothflight reached a branch, she started to climb and inside that tree was a very secret place.

"SABERSTAR!!!!!" Cried Mothflight. "Huh? Oh yes, umm... Mothflght! What's wrong? Are you ok?" asked Saberstar. "No! You need to help! Tigerstar and Scourge are back!" said Mothflight! "Yes, come with me and do everything I tell you!" directed Saberstar. They hurried over to a tunnel with a pile of berries and leaves. "Hmm... What's this? Why would we have so much berries?" Thought Mothflight. "Now first we need to go and find them and pour some strawberry juice for blood to poison them and make them run back to Shadow clan!" Instructed Saberstar. They grabbed some of the strawberries and they tried not to squeez them too much to get some juice in their mouths. "Now, face the ground and squeez the strawberries for a trail of blood!" They hurried outside the tunnel and hid in a ivy bush. "Will this work?" thought Mothflight. They waited outside and cleaned themselves while they waited. "Hey, Saberstar, will this work?" asked Mothflight. "Yes, of course it will! Watch!" said Saberstar. They waited untill they looked away for a moment and then when they looked back, they saw two tails poking out with a grey ground. "It worked!" said Saberstar surprisingly! "Wait, you never tried it before?" Meowed Mothflight. "Oh please! I knew it would maybe work!" Spat Saberstar!

They ran inside looking for drops of blood but they saw that the other kits were alive! They were trodded on though! They never saw anything so bazzar like that happen before! "Would they of broken the clan code?" wondered Mothflight pacing. "Let's go!" hissed Saberstar. "Huh? Go where?" Asked Mothfight. "Arg, are you deaf? Were you paying attention?" asked Saberstar! "Just follow me anyway!" sighed Saberstar. They dashed off and hurried to set a trap grabbing leaves and sticks! "We are going to make a fake kit!" said Saberstar "a fake kit? Ok then" they hurried off, crafting a kit and hid in another ivy bush. "So, this will work too?" Meowed Mothflight. "It might not, we need to know if Tigerstar and Scourge are to blame." whispered Saberstar. "Oh no! The kit!" Cried Mothflight! *MEOW!!!!!!!* "what was that?" asked Mothflight. "I'll go look!" said Saberstar. "Be careful" warned Mothwing. "What in the name of Starclan is that?" asked Saberstar! He was staring straight ahead! "What's going on?" asked Mothflight. "It looks like two muddy monsters!" cried Goldenflower! "Huh? Oh hello Goldenflower!" "Hello" Goldenflower ducked her head trying to figure out what that muddy thing was! She was only focusing on one at the moment! "Wait, is that.... MY KITS?!?! Shouted Mothflight surprisingly! They rushed down shocked.

"Well, I guess this means they aren't guilty?" Asked Saberstar. "I guess not" said Mothflight. "Now, let's go home." 

The End

Monday, 24 August 2015

A mythical story (planet Grifeesh)

 Many many moons ago, there lived a old Griffin/Dragon called "Driggin".

Driggin is a handsome looking king. He controls all the workers and the apprentices! The workers serve the king while the apprentices serve food to the Elders, Kits and of course the king :)

One day it was a sunny day with just a little bit of rain. When it has sun and rain, there comes a GINOURMOUS ALPHA FISH! The alpha fish is called "Firestar" and of you don't know what Firestar does, he demands the naughty fish to DIE! 

Oh and I forgot to tell you that Driggin has a wife called "Snowfur" and she had a evil heart inside of her. She has a carving of a red heart on the outside but that is just shreds of Blood causing it to bleed but her heart on the inside won't let it heal which makes her even more disappointed to blame it on the other creatures but she always treated Driggin as if she didn't think he knew (but really he doesn't know about her evilness or her dark powers/ black heart) 

One day, Snowfur thought that maybe she should cammand the Alpha fish to destroy Driggin while he is asleep and eat his castle to shreds! Go through different portals just incase he wakes up and finds out about it, Firestar is Lava/Fire proof so he can't burn but Driggin is flightless so if he gets sucked up in the portal and fall into lava! "I guess I can give it a try but I should give Firestar some powers to do so!" Thought Snowfur. She quickly flew off grabbing potions to splash on Firestar and destroy the elders,Kits,Apprentices and even the warriors (warriors are griffins who hunt land animals such as deer, foxes, rabbits/bunnies, birds ect.

Right when Driggin awakend, he got a shock! Turned around and screamed in horror! "AHH Zfirestar what are you doing?!?!?! Your gonna ruin my life!!!" Driggin was terrified! Firestar saw him with his one good eye (the other eye gotten scratched by a Dalophasaurus! Fact: a Dalophasaurus is a Made up shark, I wonder if it is real) he hollered a loud yowl and blasted a portal out of his GINOURMOUS FLAMING MOUTH. 

When the portal caused a big sound wave, it woke up 3 young kits named: Jaykit, Hollykit and Lionkit. They were almost 6 moons old, they needed to be 6 months old to become a apprentice. (Each dragon name starts with kit, in this case they are dragons who need to stay in there den if they don't have permission to leave the den and go to another but Jaykit is blind but he has a fantastic sent of smell, his sent helps his way through the island. While Hollykit and Lionkit stays inside there dens to practise fighting. Hollyhit always teases Jaykit into thinking the the is a "Slowslug" but anyway, let's get back to Firestar and the kits.

The 3 kits hurried over to see (or smell) what was going on, they then spotted a HUGE fish! They never seen Firestar before and had no idea what to do! Hollykit and Lionkit couldn't fly and Jaykit tries flying but he can't smell anything in the air so he bangs his head on a cliff while in this case it is a very BIG hungry, portal shooting, castle eating, dragon killing and griffin plucking! Jaykit tries to figure out what it is... *sniff* "I smell fish." Said Jaykit happily! "You dork!" Said Hollykit "that's a very BIG hungry, portal shooting, castle eating, dragon killing and griffin plucking thing! 

"LOOK OUT!" Called Lionkit, charging straight to them! "Huh?" Hollykit turned around and saw a huge orange mouth, she ran away not letting her paws stop. Her head straight forward not turning back. "Wait... Jaykit!" Hollykit turned around in shock! Jaykit was just standng there confused of what he was going to do and what was happening. "JAYKIT RUN!" Cried Hollykit but when Jaykit could hear her, he just ran straight ahead not knowing what was going on! "Oh for goodness sake!" Said Lionkit, he sighed, "I'm coming blind kit!" Said Lionkit annoyed. Right when Jaykit could smell the sent of Lionkit, he ran straight forwards him sigh his nose up in the air sniffing his scent and his paws running really fast with his wings flapping as hard as he could! 

"Not so fast!" A fimiliar voice flickered in the smoke, "you three better get into shelter!" It was squirrelflight running after them! "Mum!" Said Hollykit greatfuly running near her! "Come with me!" They started following running except for Jaykit. He was sitting on Lionkits back! "What are we going to do?" Asked Lionkit. "We're going to fly out and try to stop Snowfur!" Shouted Squirrelflight directly. "Huh? Snowfur isn't bad!" Said Jaykit. "Arg, you worthless cat! If you wern't blind, you would know what she has on her chest! Does anyone know?" Asked Squirrelflight. "Yes, yes I do!" Shouted Lionblaze! "Well that heart is carved red but in the inside she is evil so she done all of this!" Convinced their mother. 

"Let's go!" The kits hopped on there mothers back and flew off leaving some footprints they made gone so that they will never find where they were ever again." *1 hour later* Whew, we made it to her room!" Said Hollykit happily. "No it is not her room but this is Drggins room. The one beside his is." Said Lionkit. "How do you know? You never left the den and tramped into the kingdom have you?" Asked Hollykit confused. "HEY, I HAVE A LIFE YOU KNOW?!?!?!?!?!" Said Lionkit noisily and frustrating! :gasps: "how dare you leave the den without permission!" Hissed Jaykit! "Relax, it was only for a few minutes." Said Lionkit calmly.

"Huh, stay close and be quiet. Hissed Squirrelflight. "No more talking for now on!" They crept along nest the piles of rocks but they done it quickly but quietly. The young kits whispered out a plan but their  mother could only hear loud roars while the kits also tried to block out that loud fishy noise. They crept in  Snowfurs room spoting her gathering all her keels she stolen from Drggin. "It's the end of the line now Snowfur!" Shouted the kits mother and of course them but not Jaykit because he got a little bit confused what the plan was but of course he tried to mimic the words they were saying even though he knew that he would be out of time anyways.

"STAY BACK" cried Snowfur shooting a long fireball over in front of herself. Squirrelflight done backfire by placing her tail flap infront of her leaving it shooting back at her cause she had glass tail which gave her the ability to do backfire! "HA, try again looser!" Said Lionkit poking his tounghe at her! Snowfur growled. "ROOOOAAAAARRR" she screeched. "AHH, what was that all about Snowfur?" Said Jaykit aggressively! "Ha! You worthless little fool! Your useless eyes can't help yourself." I won't tell you because you won't have any idea why I am talking about. Or what I was doing that for!" She growled! 

Jaykit looked so sad that his eyes even showed it! Looking down padding away not even knowing where he was going. "Right that does it!" Hollykit ran towards an electric plug that controls the magic of the alpha. She knew that Snowfur wasn't electric proof and if she electric shocks her then Firestars powers will go away and go back to normal. She hurried over, unplugged the plug and ran straight towards her not knowing that she could fly. Right then, Snowfur took of in a dash flying around like crazy in the kingdom. But right where she was going was the opposite direction to where Firestar was heading. First his eye popped out of the castle and tried eating Snowfur. "AHH!" Cried Snowfur. She flew the other way. "This time it has to be done!" Shouted Lionkit. "Raaarr!" He held the plug with Hollykit and flapped as hard as they could! Even if they didn't lift there paws off the ground, they still shocked her and defeated her to doom! "RAAARRR, NOOOO!!!!!!!!!" She died a horrible death! Leaving her droplets infront of them and Jaykit. 

"Snowfur? Snowfur! Snowfur where are you?" Asked Jaykit. "Omg Jaykit, I am getting fed up with you!" Said Squirrelflight distressed! "She's dead!" Holding a gem in her hand and rubbing if in his side hip. Jaykit felt. Little bit of joy in his head but sadness in the tip of his tail. "Oh well" said Jaykit released that there is no more dramatic stuff. They fathered up so lthe elders and the Apprentices while the warriors were all dead! (Some of them were returning back home when they finished there hunting for the day) and they set off to find a new home and so they did!

The End


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Myth or Legend? Writing- Irish Myth.

During Medi-Eval times, there lived a young Griffin named Golden Wing and she was having babies!
When the babies were born, they expressed a loud yowl. They were hungry and their mother didn't have any food for them to eat.

Right when Golden Wing noticed they were hungry, she took off in a dash leaving her new-born babies, hoping when she returned she would find them alive.

A few hours later she soared near a coast, she then spotted a village. She swooped down snatching the villagers goods, all their money and their food, to survive.  

Some time later, 2 children living in the Village were wondering how they could help their people, because Golden Wing flew away leaving the dead carcasses and human bodies. Everyday she would soar down snatching items with her razor sharp claws, returning home to feed the desperate hungry little things.
The 2 children named Holly and Arthur, decided they would catch Golden Wing. Holly and Arthur, packing some supplies left the village.  Right after they woke up and started walkin' off, they bumped into a magical wizard, who knew what they were up to, and he said "use this powerful sword, you must trust in this, and may it help you defeat this Griffin". A few months later, they spotted a dark, ominous (doesn't look very good) cave, certain it could only belong to Golden Wing the female Griffin.

When they reached a cliff, Arthur used a rope in his back-pack and then he started to climb. However, he soon noticed that the rope was about to snap. It eventually did. He was falling to his doom.... until a familiar face popped up beside him. It was HOLLY! And something appeared. It was Golden  Wing flying around.

As time went by, Holly was able to tame Golden Wing and they realised that she could talk saying "I was stealing the food because I had to feed my 5 babies, I don't have any milk". Holly and Arthur got a shock and became frustrated, because they weren't sure how to help, angry because she had stolen from the villagers, and surprised, because they didn't know that Golden Wing was a female, and she needed to find more food. "Can anyone baby sit my  babies?",Golden Wing asked politely. "I'd love to assist and baby sit the Griffins!" said Holly excitedly!
After that, they returned to the village with Golden Wing, hoping that the villagers would become friends with the family of Griffins. 
Proof read- by Jhaz
Checked by-Whaea Horiana and Nan
Comments had to make a couple of adjustments to sentence structure.


W.A.L.T retell a myth/legend from a country we are researching 
C.O Constructed SC: 

Make sure your information is correct and if there are a variety of versions, choose the most well known
keep your writing in order:
beginning, middle and end
make sure you have your plan
put it into your own words
use more interesting words, 
time connectives - suddenly, later, unexpectedly, meanwhile, next minute...after that
proof read your writing
highlighter strategy

Editing your story is a very important  - Make sure you read it through carefully and check:
Will your story make sense to your reader and will it interest them?
Have you given a satisfactory ending?
Is your spelling correct?
Make sure you have used a range of punctuation ,  .  !  “  “  ?  (  ) 
 Start a new paragraph for:
•A change of time, e.g. Early the next morning…
•A change of place e.g. On the other side of the mountain stood…
•A change of action e.g. At that moment the lights went out.

A change of character e.g. Unexpectedly, DrTownley rounded the corner. 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My trip to Movie World! =)

W.A.L.T  write a recount about an idea we had in our writers notebook
Success Criteria- Co constructed

we need our plan beside us to look at our ideas
make sure it's true and it makes sense
put it in the right order
use descriptive words - e.g. enormous, giant, speechless, flabbergasted etc
proof reading ask someone else to read it
use a dictionary / thesaurus - make your writing more interesting to draw the reader in
use punctuation
use the highlighter strategy - gold for goal and pink for think

It took 20 mins to get to Movieworld... I was getting car sick. When we reached our destination, we could see tonnes of cars! My Dad dropped Mum and I off while he went to find a car park!  Mum and I walked over to see a Bold guy standing around grabbing the tickets from the innocent people! (He is suppose to do that) He was snatching them almost RIPPING them! He then gave us what we wanted! We made it to Movie World! I know you would be wondering what happend to dad... We waited for him to meet up with us!

We took our first step of freedom! It felt........................normal.
I don't know why it felt normal, because I was  excited and bored at the same time! 

The first thing I saw was the green lantern roller coaster..... It looked creepy. I  then looked and walked away from it. We then ran into a cinema! It was Rio in 4D version. (If you don't know what Rio is, it is a movie about some Blue Macaws who are looking for a home!) 4D is where your seats move and spray water.  
It is really realistic, it is like your in the movie! It is also in 3D mode and you get to wear some 3D glasses! It is mainly just 3D with moving chairs and spray! (The movies and the rides are free)

Then I walked out, still with a dry body! We walked around looking for something else to do.... That was when we walked into the SCOOBY-DOO RIDE! Dad said "it is an excellent ride!" I took a chance and hopped into it... It took 30 minutes to hop onto the ride! First there were loud noises, then there were models of monsters with scooby inside a knights armor and said "MONSTERS, HIDE"... I was confused.... It wasn't so bad, right after that...We fell down backwards then it went side to side, roughly! Then I started to cry! ;(   Right after that, it stopped. I then hopped out and ran to Mum crying!

A few hours later.... Ok maybe I should skip to the last ride I went on..... (I went on lots of other rides, I am just skipping some) so the last ride I went on was the WILD-WEST RIDE! Dad has never been on it before but he said it would be cool! I was anxious because of the last coaster I went on, the seats were boats! I hopped in then we set off! It was really relaxing, untill we went up high! We then watched a little clip, of cowboys shooting! When it was over, we then turned around and went backwards AGAIN! I then panicked and burst into tears.
When it almost ended, we went up all the way to the top...............

We actually waited for a parade! The parade is where we see some movie characters like the Joker or the Flash or maybe Cat woman? I saw all of them! It was fantastic! Right after that, I left! Right when I said "I wanna get a cape..." I crashed into a cape stand :|
Mum called out to me and said "watch out Jhaz!" I stepped back gazing at the capes. I wanted to get one, but they cost $50 dollars. Lucky me! I got the original Batman cape..... Please do NOT say I am a boy D:<

Dad then went to pick up the car while we looked at the plushies on the stand. Dad returned with the car, Mum walked to the car while I was slouching.... I ended up crashing into the car! I don't really pay attention to these things. I hopped into the car, Dad drove us home. We walked inside my Aunties house and told my Cousins, Uncle, Auntie and Grandpa, my amazing story about MOVIEWORLD!
                                                                                                      Dun Dun

Monday, 29 June 2015

Card stacks!

Hi guys! I just finished stacking cards into a big village! Until my dog Scruffy jumped up and ruined it so here are the surviving cards!
It took forever for me to build that and I didn't even get to 
Show my dad when he got back from work... He isn't even home yet :( oops!
If you want I can show you what naughty Scruffy looks like!
Here she is!

Look at that! Now she is feeling guilty... Well she should be!!!
I hope you enjoyed anyways!


Manu tukuktuku kite!

Here is my real, finished, amazing, outstanding, stupendous, fabulous, most awesome thing ever that is mine! My kite I made because I am amazing, outstanding... Ok I think you get the point now. I hope you like it
Sorry it is so little!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Homework (dun dun)

Te Reo homework (about Matariki)

Matariki poem

Matariki day.
Harvesting yummy meals
Get some midnight snacks!

I look at the sky!
And see a very bright light
See the twinkling stars!

Hate and fight is gone
Small shooting stars fly around.
Matariki day!

Telling some stories
"The evil seven sisters"
Said the old wise man

Start flying some kites!
Brighter then the darkest sky!
The seven bright stars.

Grab some paper stars!
Throw them up high in the sky!
Fly little stars fly.

Let the creatures sleep
Peacefully in the moonlight
Hear the loud owls hoot.

Like a soaring bird
Waves whistle for the fishes
Treating it like food

Washing up to shore
Scraping up the squirming fish
Placing them on plates.

Munching on the snacks
Chewing on the crunchy food.
Even squishing fish

But above the waves
Above the swishing branches
Comes matariki. 
(Dun dun)

need to know about syllables
need to know about Matariki
stick with the 5,7,5 pattern
use you fingers to help
plan - brainstorm words associated with Matariki

Manu Aute - Manu tukuktuku

Here is my drawing
Btw it is a kiwi (native to New Zealand)

Minecraft project (fast post)

W.A.L.T creating a invention from the story
Mail Villager 
Houses with water fountains
Mail in hay house
Half of the village

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Te Reo video

Here is a video (that is short)
we are only playing a game but we tried to shout out the
words but we never could remember until we said it quietly for
about 1 time :D

Writing post (draft)

W.A.L.T persuasive argument 
Statement: should violent video gems be banned?

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Fast post poster!

W.A.L.T creating an invention from the story 

I am choosing "place down water stations at the start, middle and then at the front of everyone's house" because since some mail people have to walk/run oviously that would be tireing and they would also need a toilet so I was thinking about placing down a loo station as well :)

Friday, 12 June 2015

Plant photos

Here are just a few pictures if us planting the seeds into the garden :D
(Why don't they have me in there ):(

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Argument assessment (draft)

W.A.L.T: writing (should goldilocks have entered the three bears house?)

Bean stages 5 (2015)

Here are Our seeds
When will our seeds have enough water?
When will our plants fully grow?
When will our plants produce beans?

Why does it take so long?
How long would it take?
How would it live in a jar while the other one is free?
How long will the soil one take against the jarred one?
This one is huge while the cotton one is still trying to grow!
I wonder what is wrong with it /:(
I also wonder how it kinda looks like bird poo
Where is it coming from?????
Is it the way it grows?

Our seed is around about 25 cm 
I still am a bit stuck on the jarred one though!
The soiled one has there roots showing right at the bottom!

I just have no idea ]:(
Where will the cotton plant grow in the jar?
Maybe it could straight out of the hole, or
Maybe it might just shrivel up and die?

Well anyway bye!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Seed stages plan

the plant in the container has grown 8 in a half centimeters long and 3 centimeters wide 
the plant in the glass is not growing that well but the other one is growing good.
 The soiled one has been growing untill a white thing has been growing on the bottom of the plant, plus it looks like bird poo... No affence.
The plant in the cotton has split but the soiled one has always been growing.
It looks like the Plant in the dirt has split up and it seems to have a type of liquid in it which makes it very slimy... Believe me I know.
The seeds are growing very well
They are growing a bit slow but the cotton one is growing too slow!
The cotton one got stunted too early and now it will not be able to grow properly
The soiled one is growing fine but it will not turn into a tree in this rate.
In this stage our soiled seed is staying stunted in a very late time
It looks like the white stuff around it is part of its roots (ever seen white roots?)
There is a white part sticking out and the only way I can describe it is that it is possible to be a root 
I believe that the cotton seed will never grow untill it has been replaced with another seed or if it gets removed into a soiled space.
Why will the cotton seed need to take so long?
Why would the soiled one grow faster?
What happens when we put in too much water in the cotton one? Would it drown?
Why is there a white part that looks like a root their?
What happens when we end up replacing the cotton seed with a new seed and put the old cotton seed into the soil?
Would it make any effect if we do end up putting in a different type of liquid?
Would the plant die if we end up placing in oil or different types of dirt? (For example I would put in mud or fast growing soil)
Why would the cotton seed even get stunted?
How can we help make the plants grow faster while only using water!?
Are the seeds eatable?
If the seeds are not eatable are we able to turn them into eatable seeds?
Are some of the seeds going to be poisonus?
Are they alive or not living when they are not planted?

Fraisers idea: I believe that Fraisers idea would be that they are living. Message from Jhaz 

Milanias idea: I think that Milania thinks that the seeds are living or maybe not sure. Message from Jhaz 

Jhaz's idea: I think that they are not living yet because they need water and sincethey don't have any water... How can they grow?
Hayley's idea:

Coopers idea: I don't know! Message from Jhaz
 (sorry cooper but your at the bottom, stay there otherwise I will change your place back to the bottom again!) message from Jhaz.


Monday, 18 May 2015