Monday, 23 February 2015

How Maui slowed the sun

W.A.L.T  understand the story by making a flow chart.

Many years ago there was a man names Maui and he was upset with the sun, he then gathered his men to help. " help me slow down the sun " said Maui. The men weren't so sure but they helps him anyway. They made a strong rope made out of flax, they then set out for the hunt of the sun. It took for ages but they finally made it. " quick make a clay wall, HURRY THE SUN IS ABOUT TO WAKE UP" so they scurried and towers up bits of clay then when the sun showed its fierce white mouth Maui jumped to his feet! He then done a stupendous jump and wacked the powerful jawbone of terror! " please stop hitting me" cried the sun, " your going to kill me! " I am NOT going to kill you" boomed Maui, " I will only make you go slower. Maui then raised the mighty Jawbone  and slammed it on his head. When the sun was weak and tired he then went slower and slower until he's was the slowest of them all. Maui and the gang then return home with pride! The success won and the villiage was then happy once again!


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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Discribing character

He is pitch black like the starry night sky and he is able to fly like a Pegasus in a shadow. He has 8 ears like a big monster with wings! He has shiny spikes like some sort of underwater crystals, he has two colours on his tail, he lost his tail! So it needed to be fixed with red thread so now he has black and red on his tail! He never shows itself, never steals food and.... Never misses its target. It is extremely dangerous! Is lightning and death itself! It has a fear of eels! 

Have you guessed it?
It's toothless!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Poroporo's W.A.L.T

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Swimming goals

I want to work on my breath stoke and me swimming straight, it is a bit hard unless you keep on trying!
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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Meeting our buddies!

I hope you like the video! Note: I am looking the wrong way with all the other kids!
I hope you enjoy!

Two stars and a wish

I hope you like my goals!

Buddy selfie project!

Hey guys I hope you like my photo of my 2 buddies which is Riley and Millie!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Blood and warts

About Jhaz

About Jhaz

I have pitch black hair with a sprinkle of brown like a very dirty kiwi! My favourite colour is black like a black tiger in a nightmare! I don't really like light pink, I don't have a proper reason why I don't like pink! I love the movie how to train your dragon because there are dragons, my favourite part of how to train your dragon is because of toothless the night fury! I like toothless because he is also black! I can loose my temper very quickly and I can't control it! All I ever wanted to be when I get bigger is to be a teacher, and maybe a vet because I love animals like dogs and kittens because they are so fluffy like... SOMETHING!!! I also have not mentioned this but I love neon blue and pink and I know I said I don't like pink but neon pink? I LOVE IT! I sometimes smile a lot but if I am bored then I will frown like a very angry bird who turned rich red! My favourite thing to do is play on the laptop and play animal jam or play minecraft on my epic play station and I have a black patched controller with red like a sparkly rose with black seeds! The things I don't do very much is that I go and watch videos of warrior cats like cinder pelt, tiger star, blue star, fire paw, fire star, snow kit, bangle kit, and a few others which we don't need to mention! But the one that is the enemy of the warrior cats is scourge, he has a spike collar around his neck and he is darker then a shadow of a bat! He has green eyes that reflect in the night! Blue star is crazy about his cheese burger! I would want to go in the TV and then I will be able to see what is inside the TV channel and then everyone can see me! Like how to train your dragon or riders of berk! I would say that this would be my wish. My goal is to work on my divisions.
Well I think that is all for now! Bye!