Monday, 24 August 2015

A mythical story (planet Grifeesh)

 Many many moons ago, there lived a old Griffin/Dragon called "Driggin".

Driggin is a handsome looking king. He controls all the workers and the apprentices! The workers serve the king while the apprentices serve food to the Elders, Kits and of course the king :)

One day it was a sunny day with just a little bit of rain. When it has sun and rain, there comes a GINOURMOUS ALPHA FISH! The alpha fish is called "Firestar" and of you don't know what Firestar does, he demands the naughty fish to DIE! 

Oh and I forgot to tell you that Driggin has a wife called "Snowfur" and she had a evil heart inside of her. She has a carving of a red heart on the outside but that is just shreds of Blood causing it to bleed but her heart on the inside won't let it heal which makes her even more disappointed to blame it on the other creatures but she always treated Driggin as if she didn't think he knew (but really he doesn't know about her evilness or her dark powers/ black heart) 

One day, Snowfur thought that maybe she should cammand the Alpha fish to destroy Driggin while he is asleep and eat his castle to shreds! Go through different portals just incase he wakes up and finds out about it, Firestar is Lava/Fire proof so he can't burn but Driggin is flightless so if he gets sucked up in the portal and fall into lava! "I guess I can give it a try but I should give Firestar some powers to do so!" Thought Snowfur. She quickly flew off grabbing potions to splash on Firestar and destroy the elders,Kits,Apprentices and even the warriors (warriors are griffins who hunt land animals such as deer, foxes, rabbits/bunnies, birds ect.

Right when Driggin awakend, he got a shock! Turned around and screamed in horror! "AHH Zfirestar what are you doing?!?!?! Your gonna ruin my life!!!" Driggin was terrified! Firestar saw him with his one good eye (the other eye gotten scratched by a Dalophasaurus! Fact: a Dalophasaurus is a Made up shark, I wonder if it is real) he hollered a loud yowl and blasted a portal out of his GINOURMOUS FLAMING MOUTH. 

When the portal caused a big sound wave, it woke up 3 young kits named: Jaykit, Hollykit and Lionkit. They were almost 6 moons old, they needed to be 6 months old to become a apprentice. (Each dragon name starts with kit, in this case they are dragons who need to stay in there den if they don't have permission to leave the den and go to another but Jaykit is blind but he has a fantastic sent of smell, his sent helps his way through the island. While Hollykit and Lionkit stays inside there dens to practise fighting. Hollyhit always teases Jaykit into thinking the the is a "Slowslug" but anyway, let's get back to Firestar and the kits.

The 3 kits hurried over to see (or smell) what was going on, they then spotted a HUGE fish! They never seen Firestar before and had no idea what to do! Hollykit and Lionkit couldn't fly and Jaykit tries flying but he can't smell anything in the air so he bangs his head on a cliff while in this case it is a very BIG hungry, portal shooting, castle eating, dragon killing and griffin plucking! Jaykit tries to figure out what it is... *sniff* "I smell fish." Said Jaykit happily! "You dork!" Said Hollykit "that's a very BIG hungry, portal shooting, castle eating, dragon killing and griffin plucking thing! 

"LOOK OUT!" Called Lionkit, charging straight to them! "Huh?" Hollykit turned around and saw a huge orange mouth, she ran away not letting her paws stop. Her head straight forward not turning back. "Wait... Jaykit!" Hollykit turned around in shock! Jaykit was just standng there confused of what he was going to do and what was happening. "JAYKIT RUN!" Cried Hollykit but when Jaykit could hear her, he just ran straight ahead not knowing what was going on! "Oh for goodness sake!" Said Lionkit, he sighed, "I'm coming blind kit!" Said Lionkit annoyed. Right when Jaykit could smell the sent of Lionkit, he ran straight forwards him sigh his nose up in the air sniffing his scent and his paws running really fast with his wings flapping as hard as he could! 

"Not so fast!" A fimiliar voice flickered in the smoke, "you three better get into shelter!" It was squirrelflight running after them! "Mum!" Said Hollykit greatfuly running near her! "Come with me!" They started following running except for Jaykit. He was sitting on Lionkits back! "What are we going to do?" Asked Lionkit. "We're going to fly out and try to stop Snowfur!" Shouted Squirrelflight directly. "Huh? Snowfur isn't bad!" Said Jaykit. "Arg, you worthless cat! If you wern't blind, you would know what she has on her chest! Does anyone know?" Asked Squirrelflight. "Yes, yes I do!" Shouted Lionblaze! "Well that heart is carved red but in the inside she is evil so she done all of this!" Convinced their mother. 

"Let's go!" The kits hopped on there mothers back and flew off leaving some footprints they made gone so that they will never find where they were ever again." *1 hour later* Whew, we made it to her room!" Said Hollykit happily. "No it is not her room but this is Drggins room. The one beside his is." Said Lionkit. "How do you know? You never left the den and tramped into the kingdom have you?" Asked Hollykit confused. "HEY, I HAVE A LIFE YOU KNOW?!?!?!?!?!" Said Lionkit noisily and frustrating! :gasps: "how dare you leave the den without permission!" Hissed Jaykit! "Relax, it was only for a few minutes." Said Lionkit calmly.

"Huh, stay close and be quiet. Hissed Squirrelflight. "No more talking for now on!" They crept along nest the piles of rocks but they done it quickly but quietly. The young kits whispered out a plan but their  mother could only hear loud roars while the kits also tried to block out that loud fishy noise. They crept in  Snowfurs room spoting her gathering all her keels she stolen from Drggin. "It's the end of the line now Snowfur!" Shouted the kits mother and of course them but not Jaykit because he got a little bit confused what the plan was but of course he tried to mimic the words they were saying even though he knew that he would be out of time anyways.

"STAY BACK" cried Snowfur shooting a long fireball over in front of herself. Squirrelflight done backfire by placing her tail flap infront of her leaving it shooting back at her cause she had glass tail which gave her the ability to do backfire! "HA, try again looser!" Said Lionkit poking his tounghe at her! Snowfur growled. "ROOOOAAAAARRR" she screeched. "AHH, what was that all about Snowfur?" Said Jaykit aggressively! "Ha! You worthless little fool! Your useless eyes can't help yourself." I won't tell you because you won't have any idea why I am talking about. Or what I was doing that for!" She growled! 

Jaykit looked so sad that his eyes even showed it! Looking down padding away not even knowing where he was going. "Right that does it!" Hollykit ran towards an electric plug that controls the magic of the alpha. She knew that Snowfur wasn't electric proof and if she electric shocks her then Firestars powers will go away and go back to normal. She hurried over, unplugged the plug and ran straight towards her not knowing that she could fly. Right then, Snowfur took of in a dash flying around like crazy in the kingdom. But right where she was going was the opposite direction to where Firestar was heading. First his eye popped out of the castle and tried eating Snowfur. "AHH!" Cried Snowfur. She flew the other way. "This time it has to be done!" Shouted Lionkit. "Raaarr!" He held the plug with Hollykit and flapped as hard as they could! Even if they didn't lift there paws off the ground, they still shocked her and defeated her to doom! "RAAARRR, NOOOO!!!!!!!!!" She died a horrible death! Leaving her droplets infront of them and Jaykit. 

"Snowfur? Snowfur! Snowfur where are you?" Asked Jaykit. "Omg Jaykit, I am getting fed up with you!" Said Squirrelflight distressed! "She's dead!" Holding a gem in her hand and rubbing if in his side hip. Jaykit felt. Little bit of joy in his head but sadness in the tip of his tail. "Oh well" said Jaykit released that there is no more dramatic stuff. They fathered up so lthe elders and the Apprentices while the warriors were all dead! (Some of them were returning back home when they finished there hunting for the day) and they set off to find a new home and so they did!

The End


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Myth or Legend? Writing- Irish Myth.

During Medi-Eval times, there lived a young Griffin named Golden Wing and she was having babies!
When the babies were born, they expressed a loud yowl. They were hungry and their mother didn't have any food for them to eat.

Right when Golden Wing noticed they were hungry, she took off in a dash leaving her new-born babies, hoping when she returned she would find them alive.

A few hours later she soared near a coast, she then spotted a village. She swooped down snatching the villagers goods, all their money and their food, to survive.  

Some time later, 2 children living in the Village were wondering how they could help their people, because Golden Wing flew away leaving the dead carcasses and human bodies. Everyday she would soar down snatching items with her razor sharp claws, returning home to feed the desperate hungry little things.
The 2 children named Holly and Arthur, decided they would catch Golden Wing. Holly and Arthur, packing some supplies left the village.  Right after they woke up and started walkin' off, they bumped into a magical wizard, who knew what they were up to, and he said "use this powerful sword, you must trust in this, and may it help you defeat this Griffin". A few months later, they spotted a dark, ominous (doesn't look very good) cave, certain it could only belong to Golden Wing the female Griffin.

When they reached a cliff, Arthur used a rope in his back-pack and then he started to climb. However, he soon noticed that the rope was about to snap. It eventually did. He was falling to his doom.... until a familiar face popped up beside him. It was HOLLY! And something appeared. It was Golden  Wing flying around.

As time went by, Holly was able to tame Golden Wing and they realised that she could talk saying "I was stealing the food because I had to feed my 5 babies, I don't have any milk". Holly and Arthur got a shock and became frustrated, because they weren't sure how to help, angry because she had stolen from the villagers, and surprised, because they didn't know that Golden Wing was a female, and she needed to find more food. "Can anyone baby sit my  babies?",Golden Wing asked politely. "I'd love to assist and baby sit the Griffins!" said Holly excitedly!
After that, they returned to the village with Golden Wing, hoping that the villagers would become friends with the family of Griffins. 
Proof read- by Jhaz
Checked by-Whaea Horiana and Nan
Comments had to make a couple of adjustments to sentence structure.


W.A.L.T retell a myth/legend from a country we are researching 
C.O Constructed SC: 

Make sure your information is correct and if there are a variety of versions, choose the most well known
keep your writing in order:
beginning, middle and end
make sure you have your plan
put it into your own words
use more interesting words, 
time connectives - suddenly, later, unexpectedly, meanwhile, next minute...after that
proof read your writing
highlighter strategy

Editing your story is a very important  - Make sure you read it through carefully and check:
Will your story make sense to your reader and will it interest them?
Have you given a satisfactory ending?
Is your spelling correct?
Make sure you have used a range of punctuation ,  .  !  “  “  ?  (  ) 
 Start a new paragraph for:
•A change of time, e.g. Early the next morning…
•A change of place e.g. On the other side of the mountain stood…
•A change of action e.g. At that moment the lights went out.

A change of character e.g. Unexpectedly, DrTownley rounded the corner.