Saturday, 18 April 2015

My holiday speed paints (Minecraft)

Hi guys now what you are going to see here is not a video but a few pictures of what I done in the holidays! So when it said speed paint I mean normal paintings but it was a speed paint website so anyways... Let's go on with the... Uhh... Not show but PICTURES :D 
Btw, I must warn you that umm... There is a lot of paintings and when I said minecraft in the title, there is not many minecraft paintings only about 2 (which is the mermaid who is amy and the pig named pep) ... well anyway...
Here they are!

I know right? A lot! I made them off by scratch but I did kinda copy the last one that says Greely XD
Well I do hope you liked the paintings I drew BY SCRATCH Don't forget about that... Bye!