Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Seed stages plan

the plant in the container has grown 8 in a half centimeters long and 3 centimeters wide 
the plant in the glass is not growing that well but the other one is growing good.
 The soiled one has been growing untill a white thing has been growing on the bottom of the plant, plus it looks like bird poo... No affence.
The plant in the cotton has split but the soiled one has always been growing.
It looks like the Plant in the dirt has split up and it seems to have a type of liquid in it which makes it very slimy... Believe me I know.
The seeds are growing very well
They are growing a bit slow but the cotton one is growing too slow!
The cotton one got stunted too early and now it will not be able to grow properly
The soiled one is growing fine but it will not turn into a tree in this rate.
In this stage our soiled seed is staying stunted in a very late time
It looks like the white stuff around it is part of its roots (ever seen white roots?)
There is a white part sticking out and the only way I can describe it is that it is possible to be a root 
I believe that the cotton seed will never grow untill it has been replaced with another seed or if it gets removed into a soiled space.
Why will the cotton seed need to take so long?
Why would the soiled one grow faster?
What happens when we put in too much water in the cotton one? Would it drown?
Why is there a white part that looks like a root their?
What happens when we end up replacing the cotton seed with a new seed and put the old cotton seed into the soil?
Would it make any effect if we do end up putting in a different type of liquid?
Would the plant die if we end up placing in oil or different types of dirt? (For example I would put in mud or fast growing soil)
Why would the cotton seed even get stunted?
How can we help make the plants grow faster while only using water!?
Are the seeds eatable?
If the seeds are not eatable are we able to turn them into eatable seeds?
Are some of the seeds going to be poisonus?
Are they alive or not living when they are not planted?

Fraisers idea: I believe that Fraisers idea would be that they are living. Message from Jhaz 

Milanias idea: I think that Milania thinks that the seeds are living or maybe not sure. Message from Jhaz 

Jhaz's idea: I think that they are not living yet because they need water and sincethey don't have any water... How can they grow?
Hayley's idea:

Coopers idea: I don't know! Message from Jhaz
 (sorry cooper but your at the bottom, stay there otherwise I will change your place back to the bottom again!) message from Jhaz.


Monday, 18 May 2015

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Bean stages 2 (2015)

They do kinda look the same... Again one in
Cotton and the other in soil!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bean stages (2015)

This is our groups seeds.. One in cotton the other in soil!

Hope you like them! They are starting to grow now! Soon they
Will be huge!

Writing plan!

Our Fantastic Class!

Moari class  
Te Reo.
Moari is a different language to learn and there is a few moari people who is olived skin... Don't worry we are just the same so remember we will always love you here

Do you want to learn Moari? Poutokomanua is the best at moari followed by a fridge! (And a toasty maker) come along! Our class is the best at singing and dancing while having harmony! 
Lots of fun is spread around! Everywhere! (In the class)
Around the walls are fantastic funky moari art work with some baskets with our names! (We didn't create the baskets) There is milk with cups and they are really useful for a cup of tea... Love it!
Everyone is nice and caring so you will be everyone's friend!
You can restore everything in our fridge! You can even put chunks of... Bread in our toaster... Jk (means just kidding) you can just place down a few pieces of bread because your able to make a toasty in our toaster... We have gotten 2! 
Get dirty hands? There is a sink in our class just to wash your dishes and your grubby hands to make em' sparkly clean! We have games like a big version of checkers.
Outside we have snakes and ladders followed by more snakes and ladders! Close to that we have a garden full of lovely flowers and sometimes some butterflies (not all the time)
Around our class, if you look out the windows you can see a fun sandpit with a few more classes but remember that our class is the best of them all! (We think)
We have lots of friendly people who come in and help use. We do have technology to go on. 
We have awesome little buddies in room 2 There really cute! They would be coming in to our class to have fun! Maybe you can let your child come into our buddies class then maybe become someone's buddy in our great class. There are a few shy ones but with us? We are pretty great with our buddies! I bet yours is fantastic! We have gotten some really nice helpers and even more adults! Maybe being a helper could suit you! If if does then remember to just write down the day you will come over for a visit! We even have fun bean bags and colerful cookie pads that are NOT eatable! We have some cool stuff in our sports box so if you really love doing sports or want to go and be a bit more fit the our class is the only one for it!
If you feel like your hands have a few germs on them then go over to the hand sanitiser and then kill away the germs.
All visitors are welcome to have a lovely tour around our school (please take note that if you don't get a tour, our class will not be responsible for it)
We believe that our class is the best of all! We believe we would love you here!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Observation record explanation seeds

Q. What are the differences between the seeds? 

A. The dry seeds have more bumps on there skin then the soaked ones.
They don't have creamier looks inside of them and they don't have a smell that you can actually explain while the soaked ones do!

Q. What do you think caused the differences?

A. Since the dry seeds need water inside of them, they will stay dead but when the water lurks into them it may give them a tiny bit of life! So then it will become lighter and will start to... Grow in a cup! Not complety though!

The process of soaking the seeds was the first step in the germination of a seed. A seed starts to germinate by sending roots down into the soil and a shoot up towards the sunlight.