Monday, 29 June 2015

Card stacks!

Hi guys! I just finished stacking cards into a big village! Until my dog Scruffy jumped up and ruined it so here are the surviving cards!
It took forever for me to build that and I didn't even get to 
Show my dad when he got back from work... He isn't even home yet :( oops!
If you want I can show you what naughty Scruffy looks like!
Here she is!

Look at that! Now she is feeling guilty... Well she should be!!!
I hope you enjoyed anyways!


Manu tukuktuku kite!

Here is my real, finished, amazing, outstanding, stupendous, fabulous, most awesome thing ever that is mine! My kite I made because I am amazing, outstanding... Ok I think you get the point now. I hope you like it
Sorry it is so little!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Homework (dun dun)

Te Reo homework (about Matariki)

Matariki poem

Matariki day.
Harvesting yummy meals
Get some midnight snacks!

I look at the sky!
And see a very bright light
See the twinkling stars!

Hate and fight is gone
Small shooting stars fly around.
Matariki day!

Telling some stories
"The evil seven sisters"
Said the old wise man

Start flying some kites!
Brighter then the darkest sky!
The seven bright stars.

Grab some paper stars!
Throw them up high in the sky!
Fly little stars fly.

Let the creatures sleep
Peacefully in the moonlight
Hear the loud owls hoot.

Like a soaring bird
Waves whistle for the fishes
Treating it like food

Washing up to shore
Scraping up the squirming fish
Placing them on plates.

Munching on the snacks
Chewing on the crunchy food.
Even squishing fish

But above the waves
Above the swishing branches
Comes matariki. 
(Dun dun)

need to know about syllables
need to know about Matariki
stick with the 5,7,5 pattern
use you fingers to help
plan - brainstorm words associated with Matariki

Manu Aute - Manu tukuktuku

Here is my drawing
Btw it is a kiwi (native to New Zealand)

Minecraft project (fast post)

W.A.L.T creating a invention from the story
Mail Villager 
Houses with water fountains
Mail in hay house
Half of the village

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Te Reo video

Here is a video (that is short)
we are only playing a game but we tried to shout out the
words but we never could remember until we said it quietly for
about 1 time :D

Writing post (draft)

W.A.L.T persuasive argument 
Statement: should violent video gems be banned?

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Fast post poster!

W.A.L.T creating an invention from the story 

I am choosing "place down water stations at the start, middle and then at the front of everyone's house" because since some mail people have to walk/run oviously that would be tireing and they would also need a toilet so I was thinking about placing down a loo station as well :)

Friday, 12 June 2015

Plant photos

Here are just a few pictures if us planting the seeds into the garden :D
(Why don't they have me in there ):(

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Argument assessment (draft)

W.A.L.T: writing (should goldilocks have entered the three bears house?)

Bean stages 5 (2015)

Here are Our seeds
When will our seeds have enough water?
When will our plants fully grow?
When will our plants produce beans?

Why does it take so long?
How long would it take?
How would it live in a jar while the other one is free?
How long will the soil one take against the jarred one?
This one is huge while the cotton one is still trying to grow!
I wonder what is wrong with it /:(
I also wonder how it kinda looks like bird poo
Where is it coming from?????
Is it the way it grows?

Our seed is around about 25 cm 
I still am a bit stuck on the jarred one though!
The soiled one has there roots showing right at the bottom!

I just have no idea ]:(
Where will the cotton plant grow in the jar?
Maybe it could straight out of the hole, or
Maybe it might just shrivel up and die?

Well anyway bye!