Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mystery story: The lost kits

Characters: Mothflight- a silver tabby with a green eye and a blue one. 

Jayfeather- a light blue tom with blind blue eyes.

Mosskit- a white cat with black patches, green flexes on back

Sparklekit- a blue kitten with white flexes, ears and paws

Rainbowkit- a white kitten with blue paws & a ginger striped back

Starkit- a yellow kitten with a blue star on his fore-head.

Moonkit- a black kitten with a blue-neon moon shape on her fore-head.

Tigerstar- a brown and black tom  with a yellow underbelly and a little scratch on his nose.

Scourge- a black cat with a scratched ear and a red spike collar.

Saberstar- a long-haired orange cat with a long and sharp tooth sticking out with a short mane.

(Other cats have been added to the story).

Once, deep down in a dark forest, there lived a clan of wild cats including 5 kittens, Rainbow kit, Sparkle kit, Mosskit, Moonkit and Starkit. They were the kits of Mothflight, a wise warrior. She went out hunting for a while, "hmm... where are you?" whispered Mothflight sharply. "Grr, this is going to take forever!" Growled Mothflight, " I already have a problem myself, with starving kits crawling around".  She went down near another clan,"Shadow clan" meowed Mothflight. "I better leave quickly!" cried Mothflight. She ran away not looking back to even climb a little tree to help her speed! 

Back at the camp, Starkit and Moonkit were having fun practising their catches and jumping on the other kits. "Woo HOO!" Shouted Moonkit, "no one can stop us now!" said Starkit. They continued jumping on the kits untill a familiar voiced came up to their ear... *hiss* "you kits should know better!" Hissed Mothflight! "Moonkit RUN, we've been SPOTTED!" Cried Starkit running outside the den hoping that no one would follow but Moonkit. But, when he turned around he couldn't see her. "Moonki-" The ground disappeared in a flash making him stumble into a hole. I've fallen in a badgers hollow!

Moonkit was in Mothflights mouth tired to even slip out of her loose jaws. "Arg, caught again" moaned Moonkit. She was about to fall asleep in her mouth, she got on the floor lying down untill she remembered about Starkit. "Mum, where did Starkit go?" Asked Moonkit. Mothflight pricked her ear and padded outside unaware that Starkit is in a badgers burrow. "Mew, *mew, mew help meh" Starkit tried to call for help but he was really injured and it broke his vocal chords and he also didn't want to wake up the badgers to get eaten and probably die! "I hope they come to rescue me, oh Starclan HELP ME!!!" Starkit was starving to death and he knew Mothflight would come and ban him even more!

"Starkit, STARKIT, oh Starkit where are you?" cried Mothflight. "Oh no!" Growled Mothflight, she spotted where Starkit fell and padded towards the burrow. "I know Starkit will regret hurting the other kits!"  thought Mothflight. She knew he would hate being grounded for a week and maybe just starve to death. "Right, we must finish this!". She ran over to the burrow, scooped up Starkit's head and ran away! *grr* "caught again" thought Starkit, he got banned 7 times and this was his 8th, "is grabbing my head really ne- OW! Hey not so hard!" Starkit got fed up up with his mum! Mothflight wouldn't listen though and just kept on running. 

Mothflight lifted her head and smashed Starkit in the den "arg, you are a MESS! Cried Moonkit licking Starkit's wounds and ran away from Mothflight. "Thanks Moonkit." Meowed Starkit. "Now you kits better learn your lesson because you need to stay here for a whole week, no exceptions, hissed Mothflight walking away. "Aww... I'm hungry I wanted to go and sit but now I am... Food!" said Starkit.  

They left the mouse on Rainbowkit where they were practising their catches. "Yum, let's eat!" said Moonkit happily. "Mmm... That looks TASTY!" Starkit and Moonkit turned around shocked, "who are you?" asked Moonkit. "I am Tigerstar and this c-" continued Tigerstar.  "Who is that?" asked Starkit. "Well I was getting to that you know?" Spat Tigerstar. "No" said Moonkit. "Really, you kits are useless! Now what I was saying was that this cat is called sc-" said Tigerstar. "Just cut to the point" said Moonkit. "Omg, let me talk! This cat is called Scourge!" said Tigerstar. "And we are from....!" "Shadow clan?" Thought Moonkit considering the looks of the scars on the cats. "Shadow clan" said Scourge covering Tigerstars mouth.  "Uh oh!!!!!!!" *MEOW!!!!!" Cried the two kits... 

Down where Mothflight was, were 3 other cats, Goldenflower, Oakheart and Bluestar, they were grooming each other, "hey, Mothflight, where are your kits?" asked Oakheart. "Oakheart, please calm down, they must be eating from the fresh kill pile." said Bluestar. "No, they are grounded again," guessed Goldenflower. "Yes your right." shouted Mothflight. All the cats gasped and ran away from Mothflight. "You should know better not to ground your kits to starve!" Hissed Goldenflower. "Please, calm down. I go hunting for them all the time!" Said Mothflight calmly. She was only trying to teach them a lesson. She trotted off to the den. "Guys? Hello? Is anyone here? Really you guys, these tricks are getting old!" Shouted Mothflight. "Wait what?"

She spotted Scourge and Tigerstar near the den, she slowly crept away and then quickly ran off! "Oh no!" *tap**tap**tap* her pads were slippery and they were making tapping noises to alert the other cats but it wasn't loud enough 'cause she was running so fast but it might of been fast enough to give Tigerstar and Scourge a signal that they were followed! "Oh no! Did they eat my kits?" thought  Mothflight. She ran away to find a special cat. No one knows who it really is or what kind of animal he really is, but he may be the one to solve the problem.  When Mothflight reached a branch, she started to climb and inside that tree was a very secret place.

"SABERSTAR!!!!!" Cried Mothflight. "Huh? Oh yes, umm... Mothflght! What's wrong? Are you ok?" asked Saberstar. "No! You need to help! Tigerstar and Scourge are back!" said Mothflight! "Yes, come with me and do everything I tell you!" directed Saberstar. They hurried over to a tunnel with a pile of berries and leaves. "Hmm... What's this? Why would we have so much berries?" Thought Mothflight. "Now first we need to go and find them and pour some strawberry juice for blood to poison them and make them run back to Shadow clan!" Instructed Saberstar. They grabbed some of the strawberries and they tried not to squeez them too much to get some juice in their mouths. "Now, face the ground and squeez the strawberries for a trail of blood!" They hurried outside the tunnel and hid in a ivy bush. "Will this work?" thought Mothflight. They waited outside and cleaned themselves while they waited. "Hey, Saberstar, will this work?" asked Mothflight. "Yes, of course it will! Watch!" said Saberstar. They waited untill they looked away for a moment and then when they looked back, they saw two tails poking out with a grey ground. "It worked!" said Saberstar surprisingly! "Wait, you never tried it before?" Meowed Mothflight. "Oh please! I knew it would maybe work!" Spat Saberstar!

They ran inside looking for drops of blood but they saw that the other kits were alive! They were trodded on though! They never saw anything so bazzar like that happen before! "Would they of broken the clan code?" wondered Mothflight pacing. "Let's go!" hissed Saberstar. "Huh? Go where?" Asked Mothfight. "Arg, are you deaf? Were you paying attention?" asked Saberstar! "Just follow me anyway!" sighed Saberstar. They dashed off and hurried to set a trap grabbing leaves and sticks! "We are going to make a fake kit!" said Saberstar "a fake kit? Ok then" they hurried off, crafting a kit and hid in another ivy bush. "So, this will work too?" Meowed Mothflight. "It might not, we need to know if Tigerstar and Scourge are to blame." whispered Saberstar. "Oh no! The kit!" Cried Mothflight! *MEOW!!!!!!!* "what was that?" asked Mothflight. "I'll go look!" said Saberstar. "Be careful" warned Mothwing. "What in the name of Starclan is that?" asked Saberstar! He was staring straight ahead! "What's going on?" asked Mothflight. "It looks like two muddy monsters!" cried Goldenflower! "Huh? Oh hello Goldenflower!" "Hello" Goldenflower ducked her head trying to figure out what that muddy thing was! She was only focusing on one at the moment! "Wait, is that.... MY KITS?!?! Shouted Mothflight surprisingly! They rushed down shocked.

"Well, I guess this means they aren't guilty?" Asked Saberstar. "I guess not" said Mothflight. "Now, let's go home." 

The End