Sunday, 4 September 2016

England Slide

 W.A.L.T: Share facts about countries

I researched all my facts about England, copied and pasted the facts onto a doc and then I wrote them into my own words. England is a country filled with historical information that's awesome.
My favourite fact was their tradition in foods. I love Fish'n Chips!

Feedback: Really good Jhaz! Great information too!
Feedforward: For the landmarks you could have put in when it was built in, for example: Big Ben was built in 1288. But I dont expect you to put in when the stonehenge was built in... nobody knows!

Marked by Marion Õ3Õ

I get a green target.

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  1. Kia Ora I really like how dedicated you were at finding information about your country and how much information you actually found! Maybe next time because you have found so much information you could make the sub-titles bigger so the reader can easily identify which information goes with which! Ngā Mihi